Corrosion Services

Our industry presence is large enough to provide a full range of solutions and support yet strategically nimble enough that every customer is provided one-on-one service.  We have no 1-800 number routed to a call center—when you call us, you speak directly to an experienced industry professional.

Our customers know we have the reputation, experience, credentials, and a dedicated, long-tenured technical force.

Inline Inspection (ILI)

Pre-Inline Inspection (ILI) Operations

Develop Scope of Project

  • Review Existing Drawings and Data
  • Perform Facilities Inspection of existing Traps

ILI Tool Selection

  • Determine Data needs
  • Select Tool Vendor for compatibility and technology

Project Planning

  • Create and Manage Budgets for the assessments
  • Design modifications (temporary or permanent) to accomplish job scope
  • Job Coordination with Operations and Tool Vendors during the project

Above Ground Marker (AGM) Selection and Placement

  • Survey Pipeline Features and AGM locations
  • GIS Data with Sub Meter Mapping

During ILI Operations

Launching and Receiving ILI tools

  • Lifting Services
  • Assisting Vendors and Operations with OQ qualified technicians

Tool Tracking

  • Tool Location and Speed in real time
  • Time and Place data collection provided to vendors

Receiving and Decontamination of Tool

  • Tool cleaning including NORM Survey
  • De-con Waste Containerization
  • Waste Management Assistance

Supervision of Operations

  • Assist Vendor with data download and job completion
  • Remove and replace any temporary modifications made

Post ILI Operations

Data Review

  • Coordinate with operations and vendors if immediate digs are needed
  • Locate and survey immediate digs to be completed

Dig Coordination

  • Select Validation digs and locations
  • Survey and create One-Calls for excavations
  • Vendor selection and Coordination for repairs
    • Excavation
    • Coating Inspection / Removal and Reapplication
    • NDE and Defect Correlation
      Corrosion and CP inspection and repair

Job Book creation and documentation

Internal Corrosion

Chemical Program Management

  • Production Chemicals
    • Acids
    • Asphaltene Removers
    • Cleaners & Degreasers
    • CO2 Scavengers
    • Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Defoamers
    • Dispersants
    • Emulsion Breakers
    • Foaming Agents
    • H2S Scavengers
    • Microbiocides
    • Oxygen Scavengers
    • Paraffin Inhibitors
    • Paraffin Solvents
    • Salt Inhibitors
    • Scale Inhibitors
    • Scale Removers
    • Surfactants
    • Water Clarifiers
  • Pipeline Chemicals
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • Pipeline cleaners
    • Scale inhibitors
    • Paraffin inhibitors
    • Hydrate inhibitors
    • Microbiocides

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

  • Aboveground Storage Tanks
    • Tank bottom corrosion solutions
    • ER probe program management

Technical Services

Over the Ground Survey

  • Close Interval Surveys (CIS)
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG)
  • Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG)
  • Current Attenuation with a Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM)
  • Soil Resistivity

Survey Mitigation

  • Survey review, analysis, troubleshooting, and remediation

DC Interference Testing and Assessment

AC Mitigation Testing

Facility Inspections

  • API 570
  • Infrastructure mapping

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • GIS

Engineering Design

Cathodic Protection

  • CP System Design
    • FEED studies
    • Design and engineering
    • Installation
    • Commissioning and testing

AC / DC Mitigation

  • AC / DC Mitigation System Design
    • FEED studies
    • Design and engineering
    • Installation
    • Commissioning and testing

Project Management

Program Management

  • Safety program implementation
  • CP system maintenance scheduling

Data Management

  • GIS


AC Mitigation

  • Installation of systems from AC Mitigation designs including:
    • Grounding mats
    • SSD’s
    • PCR’s
    • Point drain wells (AC Deep Wells)
    • Linear cable drains

CP System Installation

  • Procurement

Test Station Installation

  • Foreign Crossing
  • Interference Mitigation
  • RMU coupon monitoring systems

Material Selection & Procurement

  • High quality materials from reputable manufacturers
  • Best prices
  • Unmatched support for abilities to deliver on-time and high volume.


Coating Inspection

  • NACE Certified CIP technicians and inspectors work to assure proper coating installation procedures are followed.


  • CP Design: as-Built installation alongside of pipeline construction teams.
  • AC Mitigation Design: as-built installation alongside of pipeline construction teams.
  • Bonds
  • Test Stations
  • Rectifiers
  • Linear Anode Systems

Pipeline Remediation Projects

  • Inspectors responsible for safety.

Operations Representatives

  • Safety / OQ management of contractors
  • Daily field reporting of all activities.
  • As-built verification

Atmospheric Inspection

Pipeline Field Services

  • Survey Inspection
  • Above Ground Marker (AGM) Locations
  • GIS / Sub-Meter Mapping
  • Launching/Receiving of ILI Tools
  • Lifting Services
  • ILI Tool Tracking and Locating
  • Leak Detection and General Right of Way inspection
  • Survey and Anomaly locating of excavation sites
  • Engineered As-Built Documentation
  • Hydrostatic Testing Survey
  • Depth of Cover Survey and Inclination Profile Surveys
  • NORM Survey and Tool Decontamination
  • Waste Profiling and Disposal