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Services follow and match needs that begin with requirements studies and go all the way through system deployment to long-term field support. We can join the customer’s team at any point in the process and based on our deep experience add value at every step.

Here’s how it breaks down:

System Studies
Identify and document where you are today and where you want to be. The study results provide the basis for a strategic plan for anything from a totally new system to a complete control system upgrade, including phased implementation schedules and estimated costs.

Specification Development
Using an accepted strategic plan, the documentation of functional requirements is the gateway to developing system specifications that address reliability, flexibility, maintainability, and upgradeability. What will the system do and how will it work?

Control Panels, System Architectures, Wireless and Fiber Networks, Instrumentation, electrical, control design, and bid packages. Smart system designs that focus on efficient installation and long term maintenance.

Software Development
PLC logic from simple device control to advanced SCADA systems. Development and configuration of HMI graphics and operational/ state reports. Developing both PLC and HMI standards or using proven standards and techniques that measure progress, insure success, and reduce risk.

Systems Integration & IT Services
Today’s SCADA systems are highly dependent on IT infrastructure running smoothly. We design, install and maintain your IT infrastructure as well as provide software integration services so your GIS, MMS & LIMS systems can all share data from your SCADA system.

Complete support in the field to insure project success. Insuring continuity of thought and efficient deployment. Our project team is in the field to checkout and start-up the complete system.

Training and Documentation
Training of operations and engineering personnel with the documentation they need – critical to long term project success.

Maintenance and Calibration
On-going maintenance of all aspects of your control/SCADA system keeps it in top operational condition to insure the reliability you expect. Proper service and calibration of your field instrumentation allows your operations staff to trust the information they receive from the field.