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The International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement is an educational industry training conference to provide instruction in both technical and non-technical subjects related to fluid measurement and control for personnel in the petroleum industry.  PC&S was represented by Jack Kimsey, our Sr. Measurement Engineer.

Some of the highlights of this year’s show were:

  • A wide range of oil and gas industry related exhibitors and hands-on classes to demonstrate technology and equipment and to expand understanding of how things work. The hands-on classes ranged from operating OMNI and Spirit Flow Computers to assembly and disassembly of Flow MD Small Volume Provers and Brodie Bi-rotor Plus Flow Meters.
  • Practical classes on industry related topics, such as “Troubleshooting Liquid Pipeline Losses and Gains.” This course was hosted by two industry veterans, Joe Rasmussen of Colonial Pipeline, and Warren Parr of Kinder Morgan Pipeline, and included a lot of audience participation to discuss real-life experiences with factors contributing to pipeline losses and how to reduce them.
  • In-depth practical presentations on topics such as “Proving Liquid Meters with Microprocessor Based Pulse Outputs.” This class, offered in an interactive format, focused on small volume proving meters with manufactured pulses, Coriolis and Ultrasonic meters in particular. Discussion included the impact of the time delay in manufactured pulses from these type of meters.