Functional Tech Requirements

Pipeline Controls & Services has the industry experience to assess your systems needs.

  • Business Process Management
  • Written functional requirements
  • Requirement documentation
  • RFP Development
    • Technology requirement documentation
    • Functional requirement documentation
    • ROI requirements
    • Scope of Work development


Requirements Definition:

The introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel would have numerous impacts on the existing scheduling and accounting systems in use by a major pipeline. PC&S developed the Functional Requirements Documents that defined the specific capabilities that would need to be changed or developed in order to accommodate this product introduction. These requirements documents were written in a manner that allowed the business users to review and approve their content while providing the necessary specificity to the developers.

RFP Development:

A major petroleum pipeline had developed internally a new generation of control software, but did not have the resources within the company necessary to document, deploy and maintain this application at their various facilities. PC&S conducted technical interviews with the internal development staff and developed a comprehensive RFP allowing this project to go out to competitive bid.