Application Development

PC&S has a proven history of application development and support. Our project methodology consistently provides solutions on time and on budget that meet well-documented requirements and expectations of management, users, and the IT organizations of our clients.

  • Software applications systems & solutions
    • Pipeline Scheduling
    • Products Accounting
    • Inventory Management
    • Terminal Scheduling
    • Product Tracking
  • Development
  • System integration
  • User training
  • Long term support & maintenance


Terminal Scheduling

A terminal management company needed the tools to schedule and manage their product throughput. They knew they would be taking on additional terminals and had to manage them with the existing staff. PC&S developed and installed a custom terminal scheduling and inventory management tool tailored exclusively to their needs. The solution pulls data from all of their suppliers so that they can now see their projected inventory with the click of mouse. The result – they have purchased additional terminals and manage them with existing staff.

Product Accounting

A major pipeline company needed to replace an aging billing system. It was taking excessive labor and time to reconcile the month and send out the nvoices. The developers at PC&S designed and built a custom system to manage the tariffs, authenticate the tickets, track inventory, send out invoices, and integrate with the general ledger. Customers now receive their invoices in a timely manner and can view their inventory online. Management has its own intranet site for specific reports, and best of all, one person is now doing in hours what used to take multiple people days.