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Incorporated in April 2005, our core team of consultants had been working together since 1998, building scheduling systems in the pipeline industry. We recognized the need for a nimble company that could provide world-class fully integrated software & hardware solutions to pipeline operators and utilities in the Southeastern United States.

PC&S has continued to grow the Control Systems & Applications Software groups, while adding Cathodic Protection, Electrical and Mechanical Design, Camera Security and Field Service to our offerings, and we have a focus team working in the Water & Waste Water industry segment. We have expanded our geographic footprint and customer coverage across the US and into Canada.

Our mission has been to bring the optimal solution to each challenge, each project, each request from a customer or prospective customer.

We look forward to meeting the challenges facing our existing & new customers to achieve growth goals through effective design, operating and maintenance solutions.

Our Strength is Our People
Their Strength is Industry Knowledge

You won’t spend your valuable time and dollars getting our engineers and programmers up to speed. And you won’t have to educate us about the pipeline industry before we can get started on your project. With a depth of experience, we understand the pipeline process.

From the time a shipper places a nomination until it flows through to its final destination, PC&S has a full working knowledge of the pipeline industry from beginning to end. Nominating. Scheduling. Metering. Ticketing. Invoicing. When it comes to the pipeline world, we know what you do, and why you do it. From pipelines to tank farms to trucking, we know the procedures, the rules, and the concerns. And we know how to make our clients happy.



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Our Clients

A short list of our clients.

Corrosion Control  

Corrosion Control  

The Corrosion Control Group at PC&S offers a full spectrum of corrosion control services. Employees are registered engineers and certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE). Although we work nationally, we take pride in working closely with our customers to design, engineer, and implement corrosion prevention systems.

The Corrosion Control Group provides the following services:


  • Preliminary design survey/calculations
  • Design/build capabilities
  • Project management
  • Induced AC and DC mitigation design
  • Lightning and grounding systems
  • Plant facilities evaluations
  • Interference and stray current testing


  • Project Management
  • Material specifications and procurement
  • Turnkey system installations


  • Annual surveys
  • Rectifier surveys
  • Bond surveys
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Soil resistivity testing

Controls and Integration

The Control Systems Group at PC&S works as a full service systems integrator, bringing expert-level knowledge of a wide variety of automation systems. Our engineers are deeply experienced in control system design and implementation across multiple industries and applications. From designing and commissioning control panels, to programming PLCs and creating HMI’s, to supporting and troubleshooting instrumentation and automation systems, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to get the job done right and on schedule.
The Control Systems Group offers the following:


  • Oil and Gas
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Power
  • Industrial


  • Oil Products and Terminals
  • Block Valve Stations
  • Compressor Stations
  • Water/Wastewater Controls
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Leakage Monitoring
  • Transient Monitoring
  • Pump Optimization
  • Stoner Hydraulic Modeling
  • Mimic I/O Simulation and Operator Training Systems


  • Wonderware
    • ArchestrA System Platform
    • InTouch
    • Historian
  • Rockwell Factory Talk/ RSView 32
  • GE iFIX
  • ClearSCADA

Application Development

PC&S has a proven history of application development and support. Our project methodology consistently provides solutions on time and on budget that meet well-documented requirements and expectations of management, users, and the IT organizations of our clients.


Water / Waste Water

Our customers in the water and waste water sector look for help with everything from simple support calls thru large turnkey Automation projects. Our services and skills match those varied requests and challenges perfectly. Capabilities of our Water & Waste Water support group range from front end engineering support, Electrical Design, Control Panel design, drawing package/schematic development, P&ID creation verification and updates, Description of Operations, PLC programming, HMI configuration, Factory Acceptance Testing, all the way through to onsite checkout and startup.

Our success in project delivery is attributed to an experienced technical staff along with a defined project management methodology. The approach is supported by internal systems and disciplined procedures. Effective communication with project stakeholders and all levels of your operations, maintenance and engineering groups, as well as other consultants and system suppliers ensures “no surprises” and keeps your project on time and on budget. Read More >>

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an important part of facilities management. The goal of a successful preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of the equipment at a client’s facility.  Read More >>


Program & Project Management

PC&S offers decades of professional expertise in the management of technology construction projects. Our methodology combines Waterfall techniques in planning and Critical Path Management (CPM) for execution. Earned value accounting figures strongly in cost control and progress tracking. Our training and practical experience include well-known Project Management tools, central communication and strong scope management.

Functional Tech Requirements

Pipeline Controls & Services has the industry experience to assess your system’s current state and leverage our expertise to help develop a strategic plan for execution to match your timelines and budget.

Design Engineering

Pipeline Controls & Services offers Electrical, Mechanical, and Process engineering to meet your design needs. With a strong understanding of both Field Operations and Automation, our designs consider the needs for all end users of a project. Our lead engineers are professionally licensed with their PE in multiple states.

Security System Integration

PC&S specializes in system design & installation. We offer a full range of customized security solutions that reduce your downtime and long-term ownership costs and meet business needs beyond security.



Pipeline Controls & Services Attends the 2016 ISHM Conference in Oklahoma City, OK

The International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement is an educational industry training conference to provide instruction in both technical and non-technical subjects related to fluid measurement and control for personnel in the petroleum industry.  PC&S was represented by Jack Kimsey, our Sr. Measurement Engineer.

Some of the highlights of this year’s show were:

  • A wide range of oil and gas industry related exhibitors and hands-on classes to demonstrate technology and equipment and to expand understanding of how things work. The hands-on classes ranged from operating OMNI and Spirit Flow Computers to assembly and disassembly of Flow MD Small Volume Provers and Brodie Bi-rotor Plus Flow Meters.
  • Practical classes on industry related topics, such as “Troubleshooting Liquid Pipeline Losses and Gains.” This course was hosted by two industry veterans, Joe Rasmussen of Colonial Pipeline, and Warren Parr of Kinder Morgan Pipeline, and included a lot of audience participation to discuss real-life experiences with factors contributing to pipeline losses and how to reduce them.
  • In-depth practical presentations on topics such as “Proving Liquid Meters with Microprocessor Based Pulse Outputs.” This class, offered in an interactive format, focused on small volume proving meters with manufactured pulses, Coriolis and Ultrasonic meters in particular. Discussion included the impact of the time delay in manufactured pulses from these type of meters.
DRO Corrosion

Pipeline Controls & Services is excited to announce expansion of our engineering solutions and operating capabilities. Brian Langman is leading our corrosion control and cathodic protections services group in the Western United States out of our Durango, CO office.

Brian is a NACE Level III-certified CP Technologist and has developed his knowledge and skills base over the past 7 years as part of the Southeast Corrosion Group for PC&S. During that time, he gained deep CP experience including new ground bed installation, remote monitoring, and close interval surveys.

Brian has served as Vice-Chairman of the Board for NACE’s Atlanta Section.

This expansion will strengthen our capacity to serve customers with their cathodic protection needs with a regional response team.



Pipeline Controls & Services is always looking for talented, hard-working individuals for our team. We value high energy candidates who:

  • Understand and accommodate client needs.
  • Think creatively and ideate solutions to fit requirements
  • Work as individual contributors, and are equally comfortable as part of a team
  • Never stop learning

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